What you need to know about Global Entry

You've just finished an overnight flight, you're anxious to get into your own comfortable bed and there's an hour wait through US customs. UGH. Most travelers by now have heard of Global Entry but many American citizens who are frequent travelers have put off the process.  I hope to make this process a bit easier to understand, so below you'll find some information regarding fast tracking international travel and applying through the Global Online Enrollment System or GOES for short.  

I finally went through the process myself and here's what I learned to help save you some time.

(Please note the below information  is NOT for domestic TSA pre -check.)

See sites below regarding Global Entry applications. Once your application is accepted, you'll need to make an appointment for an interview.  NOTE: If you get accepted for the next step- the interview, you will have a limited time to schedule that interview. If you do not schedule the interview within GOES allotted time, there is a chance that your application could be deleted, and you'll lose your $100 application fee. Be sure to be on top of your emails once you've applied.

  1. It takes about an hour for the application, you have to apply for each individual (children too). 
  2. You create a login, then go back to home page, login and start the process. 
  3. Here's what you'll need: passports handy, a valid driver's license as well as requirement to list countries visited in last 5 years, home addresses over last 5 years, and employment (addresses and phone numbers) for last 5 years. (if the applicants are children, mark “child" under employment page and for date of employment mark year and month they were born).  Also, the application does not like gaps of any kind. So if you're doing addresses/employment, make sure the months and years line up.
  4. The application costs $100 per person and they take cc's. (some credit card companies will reimburse your fee, so check with your cards.)
  5. There is a drop down menu that let's you select the closest location (typically an airport) near you. 

We also invite you to click here for additional information from our friends at Upgraded Points https://upgradedpoints.com/the-global-entry-program-from-application-through-airport/

It is suggested that the application approval process takes 48 hours to 2 weeks. Mine took about 24 hours before I received an email stating I was approved to schedule an interview. 

So 1-2-3 GO!