Peak Into Our Travel Diary: Cuba

Ever since Cuba opened up its borders to make visits more accessible, we longed to pack our bags and go explore the frozen-in-time culture, jazz clubs, the preserved '57 Chevys, hand-rolled cigars, and beautiful topography. We finally made it, so keep reading to learn about some of our Cuba highlights!



We can see why Havana tugged on Hemmingway’s heart. You will indulge your senses in the Latin American culture, history, art and music of this vibrant city. Tour Old Havana to modern Havana in one of the many classic vintage cars and pull up to Fusterlandia. Before you get lost in this playground by local artist Jose Fuster, reserve a table for a feast in his home studio, and see why they call Fuster the “Picasso of the Caribbean”.  Next, cruise over to the Havana Club Rum Museum and experience the detailed process of making rum, and a tasting of their 7-year-old anejo.  Rest up before you salsa the night away at Havana’s first luxury hotel, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage buildings. Plus, you'll only be steps away from El Floridita, one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite bars, both for the ambiance and the daiquiris.

Cayo Levisa


A caye off the north coast of Cuba, Cayo Levisa is accessible by a 35-minute boat ride and you will arrive to a true paradise far from the crowds. Step off onto this island and check in to the only hotel here - the Hotel Cayo Levisa. Unplug and relax in your rustic bungalow with views of the sugar-white sandy beach and turquoise sea. Embrace the seclusion while working on your tan, dining on fresh lobster tails, collecting sea shells or meditating in the private palapas.

Vinales Valley


As you travel west from Havana, you'll discover the lush and vast Vinales Valley. Here, you'll discover a national park and an UNESCO World Heritage site where you'll take a hike through the valley’s farms and fields known for the world-renowned tobacco creating the cigars of Cohiba, Monte Cristo and Romeo Juliet’s. We will arrange for you to get up close and meet a tobacco farmer who will teach you what makes their cigars world class, and how to appreciate the art of cigar smoking. Continue to explore and be in awe of the 400m high limestone cliffs dotting the valley, otherwise knowns as mogotes. These cliffs hold numerous caves, such as the Cuevo del Indio, where you'll marvel at the underground architecture and take a short boat ride on a subterranean river. Interested in learning more?

Trinidad and Cienfuego


As Havana is imagined as a city caught in the 1950’s, Trinidad goes further back into Spanish colonial days. In the main town of Plaza Mayor climb to the tower of Palacio Cantero to check out the best view of the city and mountain peaks called the Sierra del Escambray. Formerly the extravagant mansion of the Borrell Family, now the Municipal Museum of Trinidad. Cienfuegos is a city on Bahía de Cienfuegos, a bay on Cuba’s south coast. A must visit between Cienfugo and Trinidad is El Nicho Waterfalls. Get the Instagram shot at a series of waterfalls and capture the beauty of the colors of the water in the river pools and the surrounding forest.

Cruising Cuba


Prefer the amenity-filled cruise experience and a luxurious bed at night? We offer by-sea options for a full Cuban immersive adventure with one of our VIRTUOSO cruising partners: Viking, Oceania, Seabourne, Azamara, and Royal Caribbean.  Ready to book your cruise to Cuba?